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Established in 2016 by our Founder and Agri-Expert, Siew Chun Hoe, Pherotools was born from a passion for adopting a more data driven and scientific approach to agriculture. We are an up and coming Agri-consultancy company specialising in developing customised solutions to help farmers increase their yield.

Our Founder

Growing up in London, UK, our Founder Siew always had a keen interest in agriculture and insects. Graduating from the prestigious Imperial College London in Applied Entomology, Siew has vast technical knowledge dealing with problems related to Plant Nutrition and Pests in commercial agriculture, with over 10 years of experience working with farmers to solve their problems in Europe and South East Asia.

Data Driven Agri Consultancy

In Europe, Australia and USA, decision-making on the farm is based on data and good science. Governments in these countries invest heavily in developing honest extension services to help farmers achieve more yield sustainably and economically.  Farmers adopt and embrace science and constantly review their systems for improvements. Pherotools is one of the first technical companies in Malaysia to provide honest technical advice based on good science, pushing our boundaries to improve our current methods. We aim to keep the crop at the optimal level of productivity. So instead of your crops growing in an uncontrolled environment, we aim to understand the parameters and methods for your crops to flourish at an optimum level.

Our goal is to improve Malaysia’s productivity by educating growers to adopt this scientific approach to agriculture. We actively collaborate with notable industry partners and associations such as Hextar Fert, LEILI and CETDEM), Chili farms, Fig farm and Durian farm across Malaysia. It is our vision to be a trusted Agri-consultancy in Malaysia that farmers can approach for honest advise based on good science in Malay-sia and on the international scene. 

Leili Consultant

We demonstrated that with diligent use of insecticides coupled with Leili’s Seaweed Fertilizer and Biostimulants, we can overcome some the most destructive issues such as thrips, leaf curling and chili mosaic virus facing Malaysian Chili growers. We were happy with the results and so were our chili farmers who reported significant increase in yield that season! Furthermore, Pherotools was awarded “LEILI GOOD SERVICES AND SUPPORT 2019” for the great work we do promoting Sustainable and Balanced Agriculture in chilis and durians production in Malaysia.  Our company’s motto is “Come with your problems, leave with our solutions”. We are professional problem solvers and can help you develop a customized program to help you overcome your challenges in agriculture. Because we understand that not all problems are the same.

Urban Gardening Made Easy

Taking our technical approach as the core of our business, we hope to establish a knowledge bank of skills and techniques which can also be enjoyed by urban gardeners, whatever their skills. As dealers of com-mercial and residential agriculture products, the inspiration behind our Pherotools store is to make gar-dening easy for the urban gardener. With access to our team of technical experts, we have developed a user friendly and informative method to help you nurture your garden. Pherotools technical experts will seek to address your problems with our comprehensive solutions. We will show you the “where to”, “how to” and “what to” plant solutions. From solutions for most every gardening challenge to knowledgeable and effective advice—we’re at your service. We design and develop innovative products, maintain an extensive how-to library, and have a team of down-to-earth experts ready to tackle your every question.

Ara Baja by Pherotools

Created through Pherotools onsite experience and talking with farmers and hobbyists gardeners, we have curated this range of ready-to-use agriculture and gardening products aimed to help you get more out of your plants. Come visit our shop at Ara Damansara and meet our team.

Awards in Agriculture

Our mission from the very start is to help farmers grow more and develop customized solutions for their problems. Our proactive approach alongside LEILI’s outstanding products and HEXTAR FERT’s support, we were able to achieve this. We do not just sell products, we offer solutions based on data and solid scientific principles. Thank you LEILI and Hextar Fert for the opportunity to promote and grow LEILI brand in Malaysia. 2020 was a challenging year, but every major challenge brings about opportunities, and we are grateful that 2020 was a good year for us.

  • 2019 Good Services and Supports Award 2019

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