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Pherotools 30G Rootmone (IBA Rooting Hormone For Rooting Plants) Gardening Alat Pertanian


Premium Raw Compost 5L (~3KG) Organic Soil Conditioner for Potting Soil / Tanah / Organic Potting Mix / Fertilizer

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Ag Calcium Nitrate (Greenhouse) 15.5%N 26?O
A granular calcium and nitrogen fertilizer which is free of chlorine and heavy metals, fully soluble in water without residues. It can be used together with most water soluble fertilizers except those that contain phosphate or sulphate and it is suitable for all hydroponic and fertigation systems.
Key Benefits:
1. Nitrate can be absorbed directly by plants leading to fast and predictable growth.
2. Nitrate is readily available to plants as it is stable.
3. Calcium helps to strengthen cell wall, hence increases the plant robustness against disease and insect infections as well as improves the quality and shelf life of crops.
4. Calcium enhances the soil structure and maintains an optimum root environment for high yielding crops.
Nutrient Contents:
Total Nitrogen:15.5% (14.4% Nitrate, 1.1% Ammonium)
Calcium Oxide: 26.3% (Ca: 19%)
Solubility (20 degree Celsius): 1200 g/L water
EC (1 g/L at 25 degree Celsius): 1.2 mS/cm
pH (10% solution): 5.0
Colour: White

Additional information

Weight 1.100 kg
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 18 cm


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