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Dark Opal Basil Seeds Benih Basil (50 seeds) (Pherotools Herb Seeds) Plants & Bugs


Russian Red Kale Microgreen Seeds Benih (10g) – Grow your own superfood (Pherotools Sdn Bhd) (Plants and Bugs)

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Apple Mint Herb Seeds Benih Daun Pudina (10 seeds) (Pherotools Herb Seeds) Plants & Bugs


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Product description

– Fruity mint flavors
– Also known as “Woolly Mint
– Germination: 10-14days
– Days to maturity: 60-70days


– The mint leaves contain nutrients like iron, potassium, calcium, vitamin A and C which replenish our body.
– The leaves are said to have anti-cancer properties.
– Leaves can be eaten raw or cooked, commonly used in teas, jams, desserts & sauces due to their fruity mint flavor.

Growing direction

– Prepare the container and sow the seed.
– Water the seeds and cover the container with a black plastic bag (to help retain the moisture for long period of time).
– For the first 7-10 days keep container at the place where it received morning sunlight from 7am to 12pm.
– After 10 days, remove the plastic bag after you see new sprouts (some seeds might take more days to start to germinate).
– Keep the soil a little moist at all the time as mint does not like the soil to dry out.
– Once the seedling has 2-3 true leaves, it can be transplant into the other pots.
– Apply fertilizer once every 2 weeks.

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Dimensions 9 × 2 × 13 cm


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