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Pherotools 1L GREEN ZEOLITE (3-5mm) (~1kg) Garden Decoration Landscaping Batu For Cactus, Plants Gardening Stone


Pherotools 1 LITER Pumice stone (1-3mm) (3-5mm) (10-20mm) Suitable for Adenium, Cactus Succulent Gardening Tanah Semaian

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Smart gardeners improve their soil and weed control with organic mulch
Improve soil and weed control by using organic mulches in your vegetable gardens and ornamental landscape beds.

Weed less, grow more with mulch

Mulch can be utilized in nearly every garden setting. From a robust vegetable garden to ornamental landscape beds, preventing seeds from germinating is the best defense against a weedy garden. Mulch will smother annual weed seeds and reduce or eliminate cultivation, hand weeding and chemical weed control while contributing beneficial organic matter.

A blanket of mulch helps regulate soil temperatures and slow moisture losses to create the perfect environment for plant roots. Additionally, organic mulches break down over time. Increased organic matter aids the soil’s ability to retain plant nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron. Mulches applied near planting beds and trees have the added benefit of decreasing mechanical damage from lawn mowers and string trimmers.

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Weight 6.500 kg
Dimensions 39 × 7 × 50 cm


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