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Pherotools 5L NEEM OIL (Cold Pressed Neem Oil) FORTINEEM OIL Organic Pest Control Spider Mites Gardening Alat Pertanian


Pherotools Dried Sphagnum Moss (Lumut Kering) (For Orchid and Carnivore Plants) Gardening Alat Pertanian

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Pherotools 500ml FORTINEEM REPEL RTU( Neem Oil Plant Pest Repellent Spray)(Racun Serangga Organik)


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ORGANIC, SAFE & EFFECTIVE INSECT REPELLENT & Control of INSECT PESTS AND PLANT DISEASES. Suitable for use in GARDENS against a wide range of plant pests & diseases.

FORTINEEM REPEL safe and eco-friendly repellent derived from cold extract of NEEM KERNEL SEEDS. It is 100% natural and is effective against a wide range of chewing and sucking pests. Suitable for use on vegetables, fruits, turfs, ornamental flowers and shrubs, trees etc

FORTINEEM REPEL multiple mode of actions:
(1) Repels Insect Pests
(2) Strong Anti-Feeding Effect
(3) Repels Pests from laying eggs
(4) Kills Insects & Mites

Effective against a wide range of insect & mite pests: aphids, whiteflies, leafhoppers, planthoppers, thrips, spidermites, broadmites, mealybugs, scale insects, sucking bugs, leaf feeding beetles/weevils, caterpillars, leafminers, midges, sciarid flies, mushroom flies and soil nematodes

PLANT DISEASES – powdery mildew, blackspots, downey mildew, rust, scabs, botrytis rot etc

Fortineem AZA has special modes of action
•Strong insect repellency effects exhibited on plants sprayed with Fortineem REPEL.
•Strong anti-feedant effect with less feeding damage on plants sprayed with Fortineem REPEL..
•Fortineem REPEL acts as an Insect Growth Regulator and disrupts with the pest insect’s ability to moult. Affected insects do not develop properly, resulting in deformation and impotency in adults.
•Fortineem REPEL.affects egg production, laying and mortality of the insects.

These combined effects of the multi modes of action results in cumulative death of the insects within 7 days. After a few hours of application, insect pests become inactive and after a few days the insects stop developing and dies.

Directions for Use
– Shake well before use and use immediately. Open nozzle to give fine spray when trigger is squeezed firmly. Spray plants thoroughly on both upper and lower surfaces of leaves and/or stems.
– Use sparingly on young foliage and on sensitive plants. Some species of plants may be sensitive and show signs of yellowing particularly after a second application; test on a small area first.
– Do not spray in windy conditions or when plants are in direct sunlight in warm weather. Best to spray in the evening to reduce risk of burning leaves.
– Repeat treatments may be required to maintain control.
– For whitefly, thrips and spidermites, repeat treatments (every 3-7 days) will be required to achieve effective control.

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