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Pherotools LEILI 1L Softguard Chitosan – Original Baja Organik Kitosan Biostimulant Fertilizer Gardening Fertilisers


Pherotools LEILI 1L ProBoron (Boron Liquid Fertilizer Biostimulant) Flowering & Improve Fruit Setting for Durians Papaya

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1L Amino Master 3999 Organic Amino Acid Fertilizer (Baja Organik) (Organic Fertilizer Baja Amino Asid) Foliar Fertilizer


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– Organic AMINO ACID Fertilizer, great for leaves
– AMINO MASTER 3999 is a powerful packed well balanced foliar and roots organic plant nutrient amino acid product fertilizer.
– Nitrogen 9%, Free Amino Acid 37%, Organic Matter 50%
– Enhances Soil and Increase Yield and Quality
– The water soluble amino acid assist in the absorption and transloation of essential nutrients such as NPK Fertilizer/Baja and TE.
– Amino Acid increase plants metabolic activities to produce more natural hormones and enzymes to stimulate flowering and fruiting
– Stimulate activities of microorganisms in the soil

1. 增加植物的抗逆性,让植物能够耐寒(雨)耐旱。
2. 加速植物的光合作用,細胞的分裂刺激植物的生长
3. 混合蟲菌藥可提高藥性,減低化學使用與成本。
4. 提高菌蟲害對植物的入侵,減少病害的發生及傳播。
5. 游離氨基酸的分子小,比起一般的氨基酸更容易及快速的被植物吸收。同時減少被天氣等因素破壞,使用效果佳。
6. 使用的是植物性的螯合劑(Chelating agent),除了比一般螯合剂的速度快而无副作用。


1. Increase the plant’s resistance to stress, so that the plant can tolerate cold (rain) and drought.
2. Accelerate plant photosynthesis, cell division stimulates plant growth
3. Mixed insecticidal medicines can improve drug properties and reduce chemical use and cost.
4. Improve the invasion of plants by germs and insects, and reduce the occurrence and spread of diseases.
5. The molecule of free amino acid is small, and it is easier and faster to be absorbed by plants than ordinary amino acids. At the same time, it is reduced by the weather and other factors, and the use effect is good.
6. The use of plant-based chelating agent (Chelating agent), in addition to faster than ordinary chelating agents without side effects.
7. Increase the rate of making flowers and fruits to increase yield.

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