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Pherotools Coco Peat /Coco Coir/ cocopeat (Sabut Kelapa Growing Medium, Chili, Potting Soil Mix For Plants) Soil


Pherotools (100g) 5A Dried Chilean Sphagnum Moss/Lumut Kering yang Berkualiti/High Quality Dry Chile Moss/Lumut Chile/Lu

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500g LECA Clay Pebbles (11-14mm) (LECA Balls / Clay balls / Hydrokorrels) (Suitable for Hydroponic, Aquaponic Base, cac


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is an acronym for: Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate. It is a growing medium,
like soil, in which you can grow your plants.
is a collection of baked clay balls that expand when you soak them in water.
The water that’s soaked up in the clay
balls can be used to water plants.
for use with aquaponic, aeroponic and hydroponic gardens, including ebb and
flow tables and systems that use grow cups to support plants, potting mix
cover, potting mix base layer, even on-air root plants like orchids. It is also
use as decorative for pot plants.

Retention & Drainage – This material is filled with tiny pores, much like a
‘micro sponge’. Because of this, it holds the perfect amount of water and
drains any excess to prevent overwatering.Aeration
– Unlike soil that compacts and reduces available oxygen over time, LECA
retains its shape and allows for continuous oxygen exchange, keeping your plant
roots healthy.PH
Neutral – In gardening, it is important to have a growing medium that isn’t too
acidic or basic. This material is a pH neutral product, so you won’t have to
worry about any nutrient lockup or plant health issues due to unstable pH.Sterile
– It is produced in large rolling kilns that ‘bake’ it into its final shape.
Since high temperatures are used, LECA comes to the gardener as a sterile product.
This is highly beneficial because you don’t want to introduce disease and
harmful bacteria into your garden.Reusable-
Unlike soil,
which loses its nutrients over time and is discarded, LECA balls can be used
over and over again (if clean properly between uses).————————————————————————-
to use it:
as growing media

LECA in water for 12-14 hours before use it.Remove
any soil from your plant’s rootsFill
your pot halfway with LECA clay ballsPlace
your plant in pot and refill around with LECAAdd
water until it’s just under the roots of your plantsclay
balls can start to soak up the water in the pot, while keeping the roots away
from the water.

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