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1KG Baja YaraMila 13-13-21 Compound Flowering Fertilizer Fruiting Yara Baja Bunga Baja Buah (Pherotools) (Plants & Bugs)


Ag ABC Micro Nutrient Pelbagai (100g) Fertigasi Baja AB Sayur Daun Buah (Pherotools Fertilizer)

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Product description
– Contains high percentage of magnesium and 7 micronutrients required by plants which will help to address the deficiency symptoms in over-cultivated crops.
– The micronutrients are chelated and water soluble for fast and easy absorption by plants.
– It may be applied to crops as foliar spray or direct soil application.
Fe 4%, Mn 3.8%, Zn 1.5%, Cu 1.5%, Co 0.03%, B 0.5%, Mo 0.1%, Mg 5.1%,
Key Benefits:
1. High purity
2. Low hygroscopic product
3. Free flowing and less caking issue
4. Less moisture
5: 100% water soluble
Method application:
Mix 5g of Ag ABC per liter of water and used for foliar spraying or direct soil application.

Additional information

Weight 1.000 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 20 cm


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