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•Vermicomposting is a technique to produce compost with the help of certain earthworm species. This technique involves the decomposition of agricultural waste by earthworm to produce organic material worm cast (worm poo) called vermicompost/vermicast.
•Vermicompost enriches the soil and helps to ensure that plants receive all the nutrients they need to grow successfully and considered as soil conditioner and is often used as a natural fertilizer in rough soils.
•Vermicompost also can increase the production of crops and prevent them from harmful pests without polluting the environment.
•Hermi-Gold is concentrated 100% organic liquid extracted from high-quality vermicompost which restore fertility of the soil naturally. It is organic soil rejuvenator for lawn, flowering plants, fruit tree and home-grown vegetables.


•Promote better root growth.
•Higher nutritional value than traditional composts due to increased rate of mineralization and degree of humification by the action of earthworms.
•Strengthens the immune system of plants and helps the plants to protect themselves from pests and diseases.
•Build plants’ immunity to soil-borne diseases
•Great source of natural fertilizer and even better soil enhancer
•Accelerate plant growth and promote flowering and fruiting.
•Increase moisture and nutrient retention in soil
•Has high porosity, aeration, drainage, and water-holding capacity
•Enriches soil with beneficial microorganism: Vermicompost can be a thriving microbial community, full of beneficial fungi and bacteria that aid in soil health.
Method Application
Mix 3 teaspoon (15ml) of Hermi-Gold with 1L of water. Drench soil until wet at fortnightly interval.

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Weight 0.400 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 16 cm


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