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Lavender Blue Spear Seeds (5 seeds) (Benih Lavender) (Pherotools Seeds) (Plants and Bugs)


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Product Description:
•Botanical name: Lavandula angustifolia
•Lavender Blue Spear is a compact, bushy shrub with grey-green leaves, and slender, upright stems bearing dense, terminal spikes of fragrant, lavender-blue flowers.
•Germination: 2-3 weeks
•Best in full sun and well-drained soil. Good drainage and air circulation is essential to success.
•Height: 12-16″
•Width: 6-8″
•Habit: Upright
Growing Direction:
•Prepare the sowing tray, fill it with media (peat moss/ seedling soil).
•Sow the seeds on media, barely cover seeds because they need light to germinate and misting it with sprayer.
•Cover the sowing tray with sealed plastic to help improve the germination.
•Removed the cover (plastic sealed) when the seedling has emerged.
•Transfer seedlings into pots when seedlings have sprouted several sets of leaves.
•The greatest threat to lavender seeds and seedlings is fungus. Keep soil mix moist, but provide good air circulation to help reduce disease outbreaks.

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