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Pherotools DIPEL ES (1L) Racun Serangga Biologi Mengandungi Bakteria (Bacillus thuringiensis) Sesuai untuk Ulat

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LAVETTE 1.0G – Kills Mosquito Larvae – (2 x 100g)


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Treatment of mosquito breeding sites can help reduce mosquito population in nearby areas.

** Apply LAVETTE 1.0G granules to stagnant water, water filler, water tank, flower pots, water pools, ponds, drains to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.
** Target mosquito larvae before they mature into adults and away.
** Low dose is needed for effective control. Apply at a rate of 10g for every 90 litres of water. For larger area, 5kg / hectare of water.
** Long lasting, only need reapplication every 2-3 months if necessary.

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