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Pherotools 1KG Rooting Powder (IBA Rooting Hormone For Rooting Plants – Ornamentals Fruit Trees Roses Herbs Vegetables)


Pherotools 1kg Jutani BSF Frass Organic Fertilizer-Black Soldier Fly Frass (Baja Organik) Gardening Tanah Semaian

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EM by EMRO Developed by Professor Terua Higa from the University of Ryukyus, Professor Hia believes that the EM play a key role in solving problems regarding food supply, environmental preservation, medical care and energy supply. EM can replace chemicals in agriculture which leads to lower pollution in the environment whilst providing a supply of high quality food at low cost EMRO EM1 is the most widely used microorganism in the world. Developed more than 30 years ago in Japan.

How to use:
1) Using EM1 as fertilizer:
Raw food waste discarded in households can be treated with EM to produce good quality fertilizer. They can in turn be used to grow flowers or vegetables in your garden. Vegetables and plants grown with EM fertilisers are healthy and more resistant to pests and diseases.
For crops: Dilute 1:500-1000 (1ml in 500-1000ml of water)

EMRO EM1 consists of many types of good microorganisms working safely together. They are mainly: – lactic acid bacteria – yeasts – photosynthetic bacteria Lactic acid bacteria ferment organic matter and repress the activity of bad microorganisms such as plant diseases or disease causing bacteria yeasts ferment organic matter as well and plants can use yeasts as a nutrient source Photosynthetic bacteria are able to break down harmful pollutants.

2) Using EM1 for smell:
Use EM1 in toilets, rubbish bins, shoe racks Can be used for deodourising and getting rid of bad bacteria Ammonia and methane are the sources of foul smell, but EM1 loves feeding on these.
Use a EM dilution of 1:500 for toilets, shoeracks for deodourising Dilute: 1ml in 500ml of water

3) EM for home and living:
Can be used for cleaning toilets, sink, floor, kitchen, drains Dilute: 1ml in 500-1000ml of water

4) Use EM1 as a detergent:
Use on floors, cleaning, on bed, in drawers, on curtains, in car, on pets etc Dilute: 1ml in 500-1000ml of water

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Weight 1.600 kg


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