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Pherotools 2kg Jutani Super Bio-Organic Fertilizer with Effective Microorganisms(Baja Ayam Tahi)Fertilizer for Plants


Pherotools 1KG YaraLiva Nitrabor Calcium Nitrate + Boron Fertilizer Flowering Fertilizer Fruiting Fertilizer Baja Bunga

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Product Description:
Langbeinite is a unique source of plant nutrition, since three essential nutrients which are potassium, magnesium, and sulfur are combine naturally into one mineral. It is 100% naturally mined mineral from New Mexico.

•Langbeinite is considered a potash (or K-containing) fertilizer, even though it also contains valuable Mg and S.
•OMRI listed and approved for organic farming.
•It has a neutral pH (does not contribute to soil acidity or alkalinity). This differs from other common Mg sources such as dolomite, which will increase soil pH, and from elemental S or ammonium sulfate, which will lower the soil pH.
•Extremely low chloride potassium source (less than 1.5-3.0% depending on grade). Suitable to use as a fertilizer for plants that cannot tolerate much salt or chloride.
•Water soluble mg to improve photosynthesis and support plant growth, prevent mg deficiency.
•Provide long-lasting nutrient that are immediately available to the plant.
•Increase yield, quality and fruit.
•High quality organic fertilizer at fair price.
Chemical Properties
Fertilizer Analysis- K2O (22%), Mg (11%), S (22%)
Solution pH – approx.7
Method application
– Add 1 tablespoon per gallon of soil and mix well. Apply once a month during the growing season.
2.Vegetable garden and flower beds:
– Add 1-2 tablespoon per plants (depend on size of plant). Apply once a month during the growing season. For best results, mix it into the soil before planting.
3.Tree & shrub
– Use 250g-500g of langbeinite for every one inch of tree or shrub trunk diameter. Mix it into the surface soil around the tree.
Cara Aplikasi
1.Tanaman pot/ bekas/pasu:
-Gunakan 1 sudu besar per galon tanah dan gaul rata. Aplikasi sebulan sekali semasa musim penanaman.
2.Tanaman batas sayur dan bunga:
-Gunakan 1-2 sudu per tanaman (bergantung pada saiz tanaman). Aplikasi sebulan sekali semasa musim tanam. Untuk hasil terbaik, campurkan ke dalam tanah sebelum menanam.
3.Pokok & pokok renek
-Gunakan 250g-500g langbeinite untuk setiap satu inci diameter batang pokok atau pokok renek. Campurkan ke permukaan tanah di sekitar pokok.

Additional information

Weight 1.000 kg
Dimensions 16 × 5 × 24 cm


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