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500g LECA Clay Pebbles (11-14mm) (LECA Balls / Clay balls / Hydrokorrels) (Suitable for Hydroponic, Aquaponic Base, cac


Seedling & Microgreen Soil Mix 15L Perfect for germinating seeds, microgreens (Tanah)

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Sphagnum Moss is a 100% natural substrate without additives and chemical products. Sphagnum Moss provides nourishment and special conditions for plants, making it an excellent substratum for flower production, especially Orchids.

Sphagnum Moss has tremendous moisture-holding capacity and is capable of absorbing 20 times its weight when submerged in water. This allows the plants to grow with a constant source of moisture (but not saturated), while also allowing exposure to air. This assures a better utilization of water resources and low-frequency irrigation when compared to other substrates.
•Highly recommended for cultivation of certain Orchid varieties, such as Phalaenopsis.
•Suggested usage as a substrate for acidic and carnivorous plants.
•Sphagnum moss is a fine substrate, and it can hold water better than bark and many other substrates.
•It can be used as a soil conditioner, improving drainage and absorption of the soil, and providing better soil structure for root development.
•Took a long period of time to decomposed compare to other types of Sphagnum moss.
Method application:
Soak the sphagnum moss in water for a minimum of 30 minutes (best left over a few hours / overnight). After Sphagnum moss has been re-hydrated, remove from water and place into the pot around the plant roots.

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Dimensions 18 × 6 × 18 cm


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