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Pherotools 2kg Epsom Salt Organic Fertilizer Baja Organik(Magnesium Sulfate)Agricultural Grade MG2SO4


Pherotools (250g) Coco Fibre (Serat Sabut Kelapa) SOIL Tanah Amendment Natural Mulch Pet Bedding Gardening

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Pherotools 1KG Blood & Bone Meal Organic Fertilizer Suitable for Figs, Adenium, Plants requiring High P, Flowering Plant


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Is an organic natural/organic fertilizer to boost all-important nutrients absorption levels in the soil. It is crucial as high phosphorus in Bone Meal enhances root growth and result in plants’ capability in absorbing more nutrients. Blood & Bone Meal Fertilizer is derived from the fermentation process of reclaimed food such as chicken bones and fish bones that are able to enrich soil with NPK and other minerals.
NPK 3:9:1 + Ca + S + Amino Acid
Suitable for vegetables/leafy trees, flowering and fruiting trees
Recommended for adenium, figs and plants requiring high P
•Help root growth
•Enhances plant ability to flower
•Produce green foliage rapidly
•Strengthens plant immunity system
•Increases resistance against pathogens, diseases and pest
Flowering Plants like adenium, roses etc
-5-15g/pot, apply 1-2x per month depending on soil conditions, plants, weather etc

Fruiting vegetables like chili
-5 -15g/pot or 200g/m2 before flowering/when the first flower appears

Fruit trees like durian, mango, papaya etc
-1-2kg/tree or 1.5-2 tonne/acre, before flowering/when the first flowers appear. 2 applications per year

Before planting
-Mix 10-20g/10L of potting mix for new pot/raised bed/during soil change/pot change
NOTE: The presence of grain beetles (commonly found in uncooked rice) after application is absolutely harmless. They do not bite and do not attack plants. The beetles are attracted because:

Rice bran is added to these fertilizers during the fermentation process.
This fertilizer is natural and chemical-free
The fertilizers have a fragrant aroma

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