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Pherotools 1.5L EM1 Activated Solution (EMAS) Ready to Use (Plants and Bugs) Gardening Fertilisers For Plants


Pherotools 1KG Tanah Hitam Sawit (EFB Organic Fertilizer)Soil Compost for Potting Mix(Baja Organik)Tanah Semaian

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JUTANI FRASS is a Natural form of compost derived from the feeding of 100% pure chicken manure to Black Solder Fly larvae (Hermetia illucens) to provide you an exciting new organic fertilizer with effectiveness and sustainability.

The frass is pathogen free and safe to use on edible plants.

JUTANI FRASS is high in organic matter to help lock nutrients and moisture in soil

Great for vegetables and fruiting vegetables

Jutani Frass high in natural organically derived NPK 3-3-5 with Trace Elements (Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Zinc etc)
Sustainable source from local farm
100% Black Soldier Fly Frass
Contains natural source of chitin/chitosan to help protect your plants from pests and diseases
No chance of burning. Lots of organic matter
High in organic matter – excellent soil conditioner and amendment to improve soil drainage and long term fertility
Improves plant growth, root development and stimulates flowering and fruiting. You can see the effect of quickly after using Jutani Frass.
Jutani Frass encourages establishment and colonisation of beneficial soil effective microorganisms such as mycorrhizal fungi
Jutani Frass can suppress soil nematode damage and reduces soil diseases. Chitin encourages colonisation of microorganisms which feeds on disease causing fungus and nematodes.

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Weight 1.100 kg
Dimensions 19 × 6 × 30 cm


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