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Pherotools 1kg Jutani BSF Frass Organic Fertilizer-Black Soldier Fly Frass (Baja Organik) Gardening Tanah Semaian


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Pherotools 1KG Tanah Hitam Sawit (EFB Organic Fertilizer)Soil Compost for Potting Mix(Baja Organik)Tanah Semaian


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Empty fruit bunch (EFB) organic fertilizer/ Baja organik berasaskan tandan kelapa sawit kosong (EFB)

The widespread use of palm in the factory to produce large quantities of oil would have left the empty bunches in large quantities. Out of the amount of palm processed, only 10% can be produce to become oil while the rest are agricultural waste known as biomass. Therefore, the initiative to recycle the empty bunch into compost fertilizer able to addressing environmental pollution and management of oil palm waste effectively.

Empty fruit bunch compost is a fertilizer produced from the oil palm residue that being compost and enriched with minerals and beneficial microorganisms that helps to enhance the microbial activity in the soil. The compost produced is 100% organic through the composting method, which is the process of decomposing (oxidation) of organic waste into a stable and reusable end product for planting purposes.
– Suitable to be used for all stages of plant.
– Can be used as component of potting mix
– Can be used to apply after harvesting the fruit for example such as durian to help the tree to recover.

– Sesuai digunakan untuk semua peringkat tanaman.
– Boleh digunakan sebagai komponen untuk tanah pasu.
– Boleh digunakan setelah menuai hasil buah contohnya seperti membantu pokok durian untuk kembali pulih.
– C/N Ratio <30%
– NPK Ratio 2:2:2
– Calcium 449.8 mg/kg
– Magnesium 0.6%w/w
– Total Organic Matter 72.2%w/w
– Moisture <35%
– Improve the soil structure for better nutrient absorption and water retention
– Provides essential nutrient for all flowering, vegetables, green plant and herbs.
– Enhances soil fertility & improves nutrient holding capacity.
– Improve plant growth
– Ensure minimal soil nutrient runoff and leaching

– Memperbaiki struktur tanah untuk penyerapan nutrien dan pengekalan air yang lebih baik
– Membekalkan nutrien penting pada bunga, sayur-sayuran, tanaman hijau dan herba.
– Meningkatkan kesuburan tanah & meningkatkan keupayaan untuk memegang nutrien.
– Meningkatkan pertumbuhan tanaman.
– Meminimumkan nutrient yang hilang.
Method Application/ Cara Penggunaan:
1) Pot size(Saiz pasu) Table spoon (Sudu)
<15cm. 2
<21cm. 4
30cm 7-8
2) Bedded (Batas) Table spoon (Sudu)
1sq ft.(1 kaki per segi) 6

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Weight 1.100 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm


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