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1L Maifanitum Stone 3-5mm (~1.3kg) (Medical Maifan Stone) (Suitable for Succulent Plants, Bonsai, Cactus, etc)


Pherotools 15L Semi Composted Cultured Mulch – IMPROVE SOIL and Weed Control Garden and Pots SOIL GARDEN PLANT SOIL (B

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Pherotools 1L GREEN ZEOLITE (3-5mm) (~1kg) Garden Decoration Landscaping Batu For Cactus, Plants Gardening Stone


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Zeolite is a crystalline mineral made up of silicon, aluminum and oxygen. These components create cavities and channels inside the mineral that attract water and other small molecules. It is often referred to as a molecular sieve and is commonly used as a commercial absorbent and catalyst.

Because of all the channels inside the mineral, zeolite is capable of holding up to 60% of its weight in water. This means that when soil is amended with zeolite, the moisture content of the soil will increase. In turn, surface runoff is reduced which also protects soil from erosion.
•Increases the cation exchange capacity of soil, resulting in less fertilizer requirements.
•Reduces water requirements during irrigation as zeolite holds moisture in the growth zone.
•Enriched and improved soil: Due to its ability to keep potassium, nitrogen and other positive elements in the soil and prevent its loss so that the plant can benefit from them as needed.
•100% natural and suitable for organic crops
•Zeolite prevents compaction, increases infiltration, and helps the aeration of deep root systems due to its high surface area and porosity

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Weight 1.100 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 20 cm


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