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1Kg Calcium Nitrate Agriculture Grade Fertigasi Fertilizer CN Hydroponic Fertiliser Hydroponics Greenhouse (Pherotools

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Pherotools 30G Rootmone (IBA Rooting Hormone For Rooting Plants) Gardening Alat Pertanian


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* Ideal for use for rooting houseplants, ornamentals, vegetables and fruit trees.
* Can be used for stem cuttings
* Rootmone – plant hormone for inducing rooting of cuttings; hastens the growth of new roots on transplanted trees and seedlings.
* Contains IBA and a complex of growth substances and adjuvants to help with rooting
*Can also be used to aid root initiation and growth

——–HOW TO USE———-
Take cuttings from a healthy plant.
Remove flowers and leaves from the base of the cutting
Dip the cutting into Rootmone powder
Cover the case of the cutting with rooting powder
Plant cutting with the rootmone powder into substate (soil, peat moss etc) and keep moist until roots establish.

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Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 5 × 10 × 10 cm


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