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Pherotools 500G SLUXX – Organic Snail/Slug Killer from Europe Pest Control Snail Bait & Slug Bait Gardening


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SLUXX – Organic Snail/Slug Killer from Europe (Pest Control, effective against pest snails in rice, vegetables, ornamentals, gardens)

** SLUXX is formulated as a high quality pasta based pellet bait containing ferric phosphate for the control of snails and slugs.
** Effective control of invasive Golden Apple Snails and Giant Land Snails in Malaysia
** Approved for organic use in Europe (Organic Farmer and Grower certification in the UK)
** The active ingredient, Ferric phosphate is a natural occurring substance in soil.
** Once ingested, Sluxx disrupts the snails digestive system stopping feeding. Snails ingesting a lethal dose of Sluxx can not recover. They become less active, stop feeding and die within 3-6 days underground. **Noted that evidence of dead snails can not always be seen after application**
** Sluxx has excellent efficacy and is as good as other slug pellets containing harmful pesticide.
** Sluxx pellets are highly durable in the field and designed to last. Although under high levels of continuous rain or in irrigated crops such as rice, related applications may be necessary.
** Sluxx offers excellent resistance to mould in wet conditions.
** Sluxx has low environmental impact to other non-target organisms such as mammals, insects, earthworms, bees and birds. The active ingredient is virtually insoluble in water. It is broken down in the soil and acts as a fertilizer for your plants, releasing Iron and Phosphate into the soil which are important plant nutrients, readily taken up by the plants.

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