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Pherotools Perlite XL (4-8mm) – PERFECT for Potting Soil Mix,Succulent, Cactus Gardening Soil


Pherotools Coco Peat /Coco Coir/ cocopeat (Sabut Kelapa Growing Medium, Chili, Potting Soil Mix For Plants) Soil

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Pherotools Cactus & Succulent Stone Gardening Planting Decoration Soil (Rainbow Stone/Akadama/Pumice/Red Lava/Maifanitum


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ORDER OVER RM20, 1 x FREE slow release fertilizer (14-14-14) (25g)

Rainbow Stone (1KG)
Akadama 3-5mm (1L)
Pumice 1-3mm (1L)
Pumice 3-5mm (1L)
Pumice 10-20mm (1L)
Red Lava Rock 3-5mm (1L)
Red Lava Rock 10-20mm (1L)
Black Lava Rock 3-4mm (1L)
Black Lava Rock 10-20mm (1L)
Perlite 4-8mm (1L)
Vermiculite (1L)
Maifan Stone 3-5mm (1L)
Green Zeolite 3-5mm (1L)
Vitality Soil 1-3mm (1L)
Vitality Soil 3-5mm (1L)
Multi Soil 3-5mm (1L)

Additional information

Weight 1.000 kg
Dimensions 17 × 5 × 25 cm

Rainbow Stone, Akadama 3-5mm, Pumice 1-3mm, Pumice 3-5mm, Pumice 10-20mm, Pumice 20-30mm, Red Lava 3-5mm, Red Lava 10-20mm, Black Lava 1-3mm, Black Lava 3-4mm, Black Lava 10-20mm, Vermiculite (1L), Maifan Stone 3-5mm, Green Zeolite 3-5mm, Vitality Soil 1-3mm, Vitality Soil 3-5mm, Multi Soil 3-5mm, Pumice 5-8mm, Red Lava 1-3mm


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