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Pherotools Feromone LALAT BUAH Fruit Fly lure Pheromone Attractant Trapping(Methyl Eugenol) Gardening Alat Pertanian


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Pherotools PHEROMONE ATTRACTANT LURE (containing high quality Methyl Eugenol) is a highly effective trap designed to help you protect your fruits against the destructive Oriental Fruit Fly (Bactrocera dorsalis). Our product gives growers a highly effective, economical and organic tool to control the destructive fruit flies.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom (UK), our ORIENTAL FRUIT FLY PHEROMONE ATTRACTANT Methyl Eugenol is of high quality and concentration.

Fruit and vegetable production based on Integrate Pest Management (IPM) techniques using monitoring and mass trapping achieves lower fruit damage caused by Fruit Flies (Bactrocera species) at harvest.

Oriental Fruit fly is one of the most destructive pest of fruit and vegetables, causing serious economic damages to 150+ species of fruit and vegetables, especially mangos, jackfruits, guava, starfruits, citrus (limes, lemons), passion fruits, papaya, loquat, peach, bitter gourds, tomatoes, aubergines, peppers and many more.

Adult females pierce the fruits with her ovipositor to lay eggs, which leaves a scar on fruits. The larvae cause serious damage tothe fruits by feeding on the pulp. The wounds caused by larval feeding also allow fungus to enter and infect the fruit, causing the fruits to rot.

We recommend using PHEROTOOLS ORIENTAL FRUIT FLY LURES with our commercial Fruit Fly Trap

* Take the pheromone lures out of the foil protective packaging
* Drop 5-6 drops onto a cotton wool and place this into the trap
* For Monitoring, set up 2 traps per acre and for Mass Trapping a density of 10 traps per acre.
* Position traps approximately 1-1.5m above ground and to prevent the traps from interfering with each other, allow atleast 40m spaces between traps.
* Ensure there is no foliage or obstructions blocking the entrance of the traps.
* It is recommended to place the traps under shade because lures will have a shorter field life if exposed to direct sunlight.
* Trap efficiciency can decrease when traps become filled with dead insects, therefore it is strongly advisable to check traps on a regular basis, at least once a week to ensure that the traps do not become saturated with insects or dusts.
* We recommend counting the number of flies caught on a weekly basis and keep a record on the infestation in your field.
* Replace pheromone lures every 4 weeks or when the liquid has evaporated inside the lure dispenser for the best results.
* Do not dispose old lures in the field as these can draw males away from the baited traps.
* Dispose old lures away from the field in household bins.

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