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Pherotools LEILI 2000 5L Seaweed Fertilizer Foliar Baja Gardening Fertilisers For Plants Alat Pertanian


Pherotools LEILI Algreen Foliar Fertilizer Seaweed Durians Cili (Chlorophyll Enhancer + Micronutrients) Gardening

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Pherotools LEILI 1L ProSilicon Menguatkan Dinding Sel Tumbuhan & Elakkan Padi Daripada Mudah Rebah Gardening Fertilisers


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•Merupakan sumber potassium (K) dan Silica (Si) yang mudah diserap oleh pokok.
•Silica berfungsi untuk mengukuhkan sel daun dan tangkai padi untuk mengelakkan daripada serangan serangga dan penyakit.
•Silicon pekat yang sangat larut.
•Mengekang transpirasi tanaman dan meningkatkan kecekapan penggunaan air.
•Meningkatkan ketahanan terhadap tekanan persekitaran dan penyakit.
•Meningkatkan fotosintesis dalam tanaman bijirin dan menggalakkan pengambilan nutrient.
•Menggalakkan pengembangan akar dan mengukuhkan batang.

•Menguatkan dinding sel tumbuhan, mengelakkan padi daripada mudah rebah/ tumbang.
•Tingkatkan panjang tangkai
•Meningkatkan ketahanan terhadap penyakit & perosak
•Mengurangkan serangan penyakit Hawar Bulir Bakteria atau Bacterial Panicle Blight (BPB)
•Meningkatkan hasil tanaman
Cara Penggunaan:
Semburan Foliar: Nisbah (1:1000) 1ml per 1L air, sembur secara merata pada daun.

Pro-silicon is made by advanced processing technique with high content of silicon and high utilization rate. The product can supply silicon element to crops effectively and strengthen the cell wall obviously to promote crop stronger growth. The K2O contained in the product can also improve the fruit quality.

Composition analysis:
Silicon (Si) 130g/L
K2O 140g/L
pH 9-12
Product Description:
•Is a source of potassium (K) and Silica (Si) that is easily absorbed by plants.
•Silica works to strengthen leaf cells and rice stalks to prevent insect attacks and diseases.
•Totally soluble highly concentrated silicon.
•Restraining transpiration of crops and increasing water use efficiency
•Enhancing stress and disease tolerance
•Increasing photosynthesis in cereal crops and promoting nutrients uptake
•Promoting root development and enhancing the stiffness of stems

•Increase the plant hardiness, prevent the paddy from easily collapse.
•Increase the stalk length
•Increase resistance toward pest and diseased
•Reduce diseased Bacterial Panicle Blight (BPB)
•Increase the plant yield
Method Application:
Foliar Spray: Ratio (1:1000) 1ml per 1L of water, spray evenly on leaves.

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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 25 cm


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