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Pherotools LEILI 250ML BIO-STIMULANT (Softguard, Leili 2000, Rootmost) Sesuai Bagi Cili, Terung, Padi, Ros Gardening


LEILI Softguard Chitosan 5 Litre – Original baja organik Organic Kitosan Biostimulant fertilizer (Pherotools LEILI Baja)

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Boron (B) is an essential micronutrient required for several functions in plants, particularly for cell walls and for reproduction (flowering). It is generally considered to be phloem immobile or to have only limited phloem mobility in higher plants. It also acts as a fuel pump, aiding the transmission of sugars from older leaves to new growth areas and root systems.
Role of Boron (B) in plants;
For sexual reproduction in plants
-Fruit and seeds development
-Boron deficiency limits reproduction (poor pollen development) and stunted growth
-Better pollination, seed setting, more grain formation in rice with b supplement
Cell wall strength and development
-Calcium and boron important for forming cell walls, providing rigidity, strength and shape of the cells
-Boron deficiency -> decrease in cell wall plasticity and new cells cannot enlarge
Cell division
-Essential for actively growing regions such as root tips, new leaf and bud’s development
Sugar transport
-Acts as a fuel pump, aiding the transmission of sugars from older leaves to new growth areas and root systems.
Hormone development
-Boron plays an important role in regulating plants’ hormone levels and promoting proper growth.
-Increases flower production and retention, pollen tube elongation and germination, and seed and fruit development.
Features and Effects of PROBORON:
-Chelated boron, quickly absorbed by plants.
-Correct and protect plants from boron deficiency, prevent physical diseased caused by boron deficiency such as barren flowers and malformed fruits etc.
-Promote effective budding, flowering and fruit setting.
-Increase lignin content in cell walls, thus enhancing diseased tolerance and improving fruit quality.
-Increasing the synthesis of nucleic acids and protein, thus increasing carbohydrate content and their transfer within the plant
Causes Boron deficiency in crop:
-During periods of heavy rain, boron is flushed out of the soil quickly. If standing water is present in fields for more than 24 hours, the soil can become completely depleted of boron.
-Dry condition reduces boron mobility in soil.
-Sandy soils that are well drained are most likely to be boron deficient in high rainfall situations because of their greater leaching potential. These soils may need more frequent boron fertilization.
-Boron deficiency also likely if dry condition before or during flowering and seed setting.
Recommended Application:
Foliar spray: Diluted 1:1000 start using the product 7 days before flowering at an interval 2 weeks, in total 2-3 times.
foliar spray with boron best before flowering (for pollen development), during flowering and fruit setting (seed development). Boron quickly absorbed by leaves and flower buds.

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Weight 5.500 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 40 cm


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