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1Kg Calcium Nitrate Agriculture Grade Fertigasi Fertilizer CN Hydroponic Fertiliser Hydroponics Greenhouse (Pherotools


Pherotools 3-4 months 25g Sample Pack Slow Release Fertilizer(14-14-14-Mg+Te) USA Import All-Purpose Fertilizer Baja Osm

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Produced locally in Malaysia by Ground Control who have been developing and supplying high quality soil in Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur for years.
5L of high quality RAW COMPOST
Great for adding to potting mix or add onto soil for other plants / houseplants that require good drainage
Compost is the ULTIMATE soil conditioner for your soil.
Add it to any poor nutrient depleted soil to rejuvenate the soil and provide your plants with nutrients for healthy and strong growth
Bursting with vital beneficial soil microorganisms.
Having excellent soil prevents most common problems such as pest and diseases. A balanced soil with beneficial microorganisms will help maintain long term soil fertility and helps you get more out of your plants.
Our compost is made from high quality decaying natural organic materials.
Compost is great as a soil conditioner to improve drainage and helps lock nutrients and moisture in the soil.

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Weight 4.000 kg


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